Helplessly Addicted

by Isabella Valentine
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You are helplessly addicted to Goddess Isabella. There is no going back now. Becoming more and more addicted. More. More. The addiction is growing stronger. You can’t help it. You love and adore me. Your fate is sealed. You are helplessly addicted to the one true Supreme Deity. The very second you hear my voice, you are driven by your stiff erection. You get hard just thinking about me talking to you. My beautiful power and control hypnotizes you to obey. Falling weaker and weaker to Isabella. Deeper and deeper.

Femdom erotic hypnosis brainwashing at its finest! MUST HAVE!! You will not want to miss this one.

Wear headphones as I consume your thoughts, overwhelming you with multiple tracks, sexy, soft spoken ASMR, and soothing angelic instrumentals to dedicate your mind and body in service to Me.

P.S. I drew the front cover self-portrait to further hypnotize you deeper, weaker to Me.

Categories: Brainwashing, Devotion, Femdom, Smooth & Sexy, The God Album

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