A Deeper Servitude

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 40 minutes

I will manipulate you into a deeper servitude...

As a predator of your mind, I will manipulate you with My sweet sticky sexy words....yes, manipulated into the deepest hypnotic trance and leave you completely suggestible to what I want. Sexy, don't you think.

One of My most developed and advanced weapons is sweet manipulation. you know what I mean...women do it all the time. you even love it when you are being manipulated. Yes, with My soft sexy words and My naughty teasing, I easily manipulate you into what I want. My words SNEAKY, sweet SEXY and irresistible to your empty open mind. Manipulated into complete suggestibility and into perfect submission, MINDLESS and ready to do whatever your Domina wants. Don't worry, I won't have to take what I want...you will just give it to Me! ~~~GIGGLES~~~

It's so simple for you...all you do is LISTEN and fall into trance. I'll do the rest.
Be careful, you may find yourself needing to serve in many ways. A perfect MINDSET for a submissive slave.

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