Shelle's School For men 301

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 50 minutes

Lesson: TRUST ME - Taught By Professor Shelle
Category: Shelle's School For men
Level: Moderate
Length: 50 minutes

The Third in a series of classes---teaching men their role in the world and in My life, and how to achieve peace and happiness. Please make sure you have listened to classrooms 101 and 201 before listening to this class. This file includes 2 seperate endings. I give you a choice. This will ONLY happen once.... ***GIGGLES***

The choice is between 2 files....Each is the same until the last few minutes...I will allow you to make a decision for yourself. Your choice will NOT affect you in any negative way, nor will it affect classroom 401. You will NOT be punished for your decision....kisses

Think before you decide!!!!!

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