The Unethical Therapist - Session 3

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 46 minutes

Level: Strong
Length: 46 minutes
Category: Brainwash-Mind Control-Erotic

BE-AWARE----This is PROGRESSIVE treatment---each treatment more POWERFUL.  For best results listen to Session 1 and Session 2 first.

POWER, Brains and BEAUTY---all combined for some devilish maybe DANGEROUS ---- mind play.
What have I done to you?------giggles---
This is the 3rd in a series of Compulsory Therapy Sessions that are designed to modify your mind.  Some might say that I am Unethical in my therapy (maybe a little TWISTED)....but you trust Me and you don't even care if I play inside your mind, maybe even REWIRE your brain.  I am the only one who knows what you really need.  I am the only one you respond to.
***Wicked Laughter***
Insanity----what does it mean?---you are safe with Me.
It's ok, I'll help you, give you some NEW and better ways to think.  I will even leave you with post hypnotic suggestions and implant triggers that may never be removed....GIGGLES...Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.  This will shock you!

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