Sweet Deception

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 42 minutes

Level: Strong
Length: 42+ minutes
Category: Mind Control-Conversational

My enchanting sweet and innocent voice will catch you a little off guard...Sneaky little WICKED Princess...but I try to be a good girl all the time.  There's just something about My voice that makes men fall for ME.  Maybe you can help Me, so that I will know...I mean after you listen that is.  You can trust me I'm a good little Princess.....I won't deceive you.  I only want what's good for you.

Listen to this seductive file and let my words show you how things are meant to be.  You'll see how good I am to you.....but some say, that I ensnare you--TRAP you...but don't listen to them.  Trust ME!  ***WICKED GIGGLES***

Be careful, and don't fall while you listen to MY little story.***GIGGLES***

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