Distraction is Pleasure

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 49 minutes

With repetitive listening, this session will provoke more frequent periods of HORNINESS and AROUSAL and an increased OBSESSION and ADDICTION.

Audio Session: 49 minutes

My baby, imagine a hypnosis fantasy where W/we meet in an intimate setting and I use My alluring feminine charms to seduce and hypnotize you into accepting Me as your girlfriend, your sweetheart. Imagine Me wrapped around you, I am your DISTRACTION...your OPEN and suggestible mind focused on Me. So easy for Me to do what I want. Since W/we share such a powerful connection, I know you will embrace this idea because, deep down in your submissive core, you secretly love the way I make you feel and your open suggestible mind is always compelled to please Me.

Adoration and love have the power to consume O/our emotions leaving us distracted and in a dreamy delirious state. This is not unlike a hypnotic trance and in this erotic provocative HYPNO-fantasy I become your sole distraction, the focal point of all your desires and pleasures, your one true love interest. My darling sweetheart, this is only possible because you believe and TRUST in Me! Each time you surrender to My sexy soothing voice, you fall faster and deeper into a calm, compliant, and blissful state of obedience just for Me. This is automatic now, My voice consuming your thoughts, and this is why in this session of sensuality and seduction, you'll experience a wonderful erotic passion as you surrender to your amorous feelings and desires for Me.

Does this intimate fantasy make you HARD thinking of Me as your sexy girlfriend, O/our bodies entwined, as My whispered words subjugate your will into acknowledging that you're happiest when pleasing Me? This is the power of this special emotional bond between U/us, My baby, and as you sink into the darkness of deep hypnotic sleep listening to this session, know that I am your everything, the erotic focus of your fantasies, and the sensual center of your dreams.

BE WARNED, My slave, THIS IS A very POWERFUL HYPNO-SESSION and with repetitive listening these powerful euphoric emotions and deep potent desires may lead to some permanent changes in your submissive behavior. This includes more frequent periods of horniness and arousal and an increased obsession and addiction. (giggles)

Ahhh, I'm so good for you and I look forward to O/our intimate time together, in trance, knowing that you'll always feel warm and safe, happy and loved, only wanting to be Mine.

Kisses, My baby!

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