by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 45 minutes

I control and captivate every aspect of who you are now, both physically and mentally.

Session: 45 minutes

I do enjoy having a captive audience, My pet, you utterly focused on Me, mesmerized by My words and lost in My every sensual seductive movement. Hmmmmm, it's so intensely arousing imagining you naked and helpless in front of Me, taken against your will, but there is only smoldering lust and erotic desire in your eyes as you bathe in My beauty.

Did that imagery excite My c*ck? Yes, I think it did, and if I know, My pet, you're already getting hard and horny reading this, fantasizing how a strong willed, powerful, sexy and manipulating woman can dominate you so easily and completely. you will learn that My dungeon needs no walls, no restraints, because I control and captivate every aspect of who you are now, both physically and mentally.

you know this is true! It's no secret (giggles) that you're so vulnerable and susceptible to My charms. All it takes is the sound of My voice, some guided focus and you're mine. It is so hot seeing your open suggestible mind melt in front of Me, powerless to My will, succumbing to My inescapable hypnotic bondage, leaving you a prisoner in your own mind and body. (wicked laugh)

In this session I will indulge these fantasies of seduction, capture and brainwashing with a wicked mind game that will add a sexy twist to your life. you think you know what obsession and addiction is, but, after this session you will better appreciate how much you need your Domina.

I'm a part of you now, no matter where you go or whatever you do in your every day reality, and what better way to demonstrating My power over you than to use powerful post hypnotic conditioning to leave you craving and begging for Me, without knowing why. That's the wicked mind game that awaits you, My pet, and I know you'll love surrendering to Me again, and again and again......

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