Confusion - Under My Influence

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 45 minutes

Length: 45 minutes
Category: Confusion-Brainwash

I want you to imagine being under MY hypnotic influence, I mean my voice the ONLY voice in your will NOT even know when it happens.  It will be too late to stop it!  I will whisper into your left ear and into your right ear, My words slipping into your right brain and your left brain, confusing your sleepy mind...Then when I have you just where I want you, I will cast my HYPNOTIC spell that will never be broken.  Spellbound, Hypnotized, and ONLY one voice NOW...One Domina...Our minds will be one, FOREVER and ALWAYS.

If you respond well to confusion techniques, I HIGHLY recommend this file.....Weaving and spinning round and round, where you go I will not tell.***LAUGHING***

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