The Sweetest Poison

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 43 minutes

Length: 43 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Erotic

Go ahead and get cozy, your Princess is about to take you down into a wonderful trance once again.  This time beyond sensuality, beyond wickedness and beyond arousal... Yes, maybe even to the point of being a little CRUEL.  Feel My erotic poison coursing through your body, pumping through you like a wildfire burning out of control.  I'll take all the strength from your body and mind, I'll use it for my personal satisfaction....MY own needs and desires always coming before yours.... I become stronger and stronger, and you My pet will grow weaker and weaker for ME.  But you can't help to LOVE Me more and more, your attraction to My wicked ways pushed to the forefront of your mind.  You feel it already don't you...Evil LAUGHS!!!!

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