Pleasing Me

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 30 minutes

With this session you will c*m...Sexual, Sensual, so arousing with PLEASURE...with a trigger IMPLANTED into your subconscious mind.

Length: 30 minutes

you've been such a good boy for Me lately haven't you? Maybe it is time I could give you a little reward... a very sexy reward.

In this mp3 session I'll allow you to experience the kind of exquisite arousal and pleasure that only I can give you. Imagine O/our naked bodies pressed together in erotic bliss, as My powerful sensual energy excites your c*ck to whole new levels of sexual euphoria.

My powerful hypnotic techniques gives you so much mind blowing pleasure, all you have to do is surrender, relax and please Me as your NAUGHTY Domina inserts a trigger deep into your subconscious mind. ~~~Giggles~~~

Includes: Mind Control, Pleasure Arousal, Trigger, Orgasm

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