Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #5

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 49 minutes

The 5th class of Shelle's ReForm School for Obedient Boys...

Session Length: 49 minutes

Shelle's ReForm School for good little obedient submissives is back in session and Class #5 in this series focuses on the important topic of SUBMISSION, specifically what it means to submit as Professor Shelle's subject and slave. In order to further a world where Women rule and all men submit, both male and sissies alike must comprehend and promote the key principles of SUBMISSION. As your teacher and Owner, I know the psychological cravings that drive a submissive mind, the need to be passive and helpless, to be relieved of all decision making and to experience the intense pleasure of being dominated by a powerful Woman.

So, in class #5, W/we will reflect on these desires plus explore the nature of your own unique expression of SUBMISSION particularly how they relate to your interactions with Me, your Domina, in our special D/s relationship. True SUBMISSION is always driven, fundamentally, by an act of selflessness. It is a willingness to relinquish all control and to focus completely on the needs, wants and desires of your Domina. This manifests itself as ADORATION (lust, obsession and devotion), OBEDIENCE (compliance, respect and subservience) and SERVICE (loyalty, ownership and trust), collectively the foundation of SUBMISSION.

With My instruction, and through powerful hypnotic suggestions, I will help you integrate these principles into your life until they are a fundamental and permanent part of your identity. Through devotion, mutual respect and by trusting Me, you will beCUM more open and suggestible to My authority and control, transforming submissive fantasies into reality - e.g. constant horniness, c*ck control, chastity, voluntary service and even being My contracted slave, owned property that encompasses everything related to true SUBMISSION.

Yes, with My guidance, the many opportunities and enormous potential SUBMISSION provides will more than justify the sacrifices you will happily make to demonstrate your SUBMISSION and obedience to Me. With time and progressive training this submissive dependency (on Me) will grow until you are blissfully obsessed by My control and totally enslaved to My will. But that is a topic for a future class, My subject, so prepare to FEEL WEAK in this session as I trigger your need to surrender and obey My commands, as I grant you the many erotic pleasures hypnotic domination and SUBMISSION has to offer...

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