Compromised - A Seductive Hoax

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 42 minutes

Level: Powerful--Deep Trance
Length: 42 minutes

BRAINWASHING---Enslavement---Sexual BLISS

Look around you, you are alone and on your own.  No help will come for you here... it's just Me and you.  All that is standing between your total surrender to Me is the meager scraps of resistance you have left and I am about to remove that.

I’ll prove to you what I am about to do is REAL...just watch ME.

Just look at her.  She is so beautiful and so sexy.  Her mind is so blank.  Staring off into the spiral, she looks lost.  Watch the way the spiral captures her mind.  See her eyes become vacant and glossy.  Her lips are just starting to droop from being in such a relaxed state of mind.  It's beautiful watching someone else go under, isn't it?  She looks so sleepy and peaceful.  So distant and far away.  So programmed.  I have programmed her and BRAINWASHED her...

...and now it’s your turn...your BRAINWASHING is inevitable.  You have already been compromised...Now you will watch the screen that has dropped from the ceiling directly in front of you....funny thing is, you have no choice...

This file has POWERFUL Binaural effects.

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