Halloween Princess - A Hypnotic Nightmare

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 32 minutes

Intrigued by your own desires for danger...

Session Length: 32 minutes

Along with being an EXPERT Hypnotist, I am also an EXPERT story teller. The two COMBINED will blow your empty BLANK mind. But W/we both know that won't stop you, you love the intrigue, you love danger and surprises. Danger makes you hard. you are too curious to ignore the warnings, you always have been. So follow with Me into HYPNOTIC DARKNESS. I have a story that you have never before heard...This is a true story. A story that will keep you intrigued all the way to the end. A story that will happen to you, you are the victim of your own desires, but you will be too weak and groggy to stop yourself. It will be too late! YES, Be Aware, this is not child's play...This is not your typical campfire story...for this story takes place deep in the darkness, during a terrible thunderstorm....with you most likely alone and naked. Maybe too scared to move. That's all I will tell you...Listen and BE AFRAID. Happy Halloween

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