Brainwashed - Program 3

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 15 minutes

Level: Progressive-Strong
Length: 15 minutes
Category: Brainwash

Program 3 - DREAMS

EXTREME BRAINWASHING.  You are brainwashed....I am brainwashing need to be brainwashed by me.
You must please me...PLEASE ME and continue to have your mind brainwashed by me.  There is no escape.....this file will bring you further under My control....under My Power.  Sometimes I come to you even when you sleep.  I use your dreams to train your sleepy mind.  Yes, BRAINWASHED---to always let ME in.  Let My sweet words slip into your ears, your mind and then your sleep.

That's right, a continuing series of short bursts, concentrated doses of My sweet brainwashing...My Brainwashing is irreversible and irresistible.  The effects are LONG lasting and most AROUSING.  This simple process is a natural and most EROTIC path to enhance your desires to PLEASE ME!
Nothing for you to do except, relax and let it happen and DREAM...Feel Me take more and more hold of your brain with each HYPNOTIC session.

This program is NOT for beginners!  For the most POWERFUL effects listen to Program-1 before any of the additional programs.  Be warned, the session become progressively stronger with each program.

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