Dazed and CONFUSED

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 35 minutes

35 minutes of erotic stimulation...while My sweet voice torments your mind.

My pet, this session continues your path to NOTHINGNESS. your Domina will take you deep into a hypnotic trance, bringing you to true subspace. So, be warned My sweet, this file is POWERFUL!

I wonder if you can survive 35 minutes of erotic stimulation, while hearing My sweet voice tormenting your submissive mind. I know you won’t be thinking of much as you fall deeper and deeper into My world of erotic submission. A mind fucking TRAINING session...not for the faint of heart...If you want your freedom, My advice is don't listen. Giggles!!!

I am a POWERFUL Woman. I will strengthen My grasp over your mind, I will reshape your desires. So, if you dare...find a private place, strip naked, lay back and relax while you accept your place at the feet of your Domina Shelle.

Note: This file is the perfect progression experience, as such if you are desiring to achieve the most, I highly recommend listening to My Realm of Unconsciousness session.

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