Chastity Lesson 1 - The Conditioning

by Shelle Rivers
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You have waited patiently and NOW the time has come.  Time for My gift of CHASTITY to you.  This will allow you to NOT cum for Me.  Yes, giving you the PLEASURE of a full-time erection.  Just think, HARD and HORNY with ME, your Domina/Princess whispering NAUGHTY thoughts into your ears.
This is the first of 5 lessons in your NEW Chastity TRAINING but there will be surprises along the way.  If you fail, I will even allow you to start over.  Don't worry, we will do it until you get it right. ***GIGGLES***
I love teasing you.  Just another step in perfecting you for your place on My farm...
So be closer to Me---Give Me all control of your c**K...and of course your mind.

***You may begin your training right away.  Listen to your first file---and listen at least 3 times.  You may stroke as often and as LONG as you want during your training.  JUST know when to STOP---do not cum.
In case of an accidental release---you must pay the Chastity Penalty and start over with the lesson level that you were on during your release.
Be sure to send ME an email upon beginning your chastity---in the subject line --- you will write (I am now in chastity for you Domina---you own my c **k).

Watch for TEASERS during your training.

Can't wait to see you in SEXUAL AGONY and BLISS.


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