Chastity Lesson 3 - Mind Climax

by Shelle Rivers
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Naughty TEACHER---teaches you a lesson!  Take your clothes off and fall deeper into my control.

It's time for another lesson in CHASTITY.  Time to slow down and let your desires take over your mind.  Yes, I'm going to teach you how good it feels to allow an even more intense building of your need to orgasm.

I will take you into trance and allow you to experience something NEW...a MIND ORGASM.
This will feel so amazing...and yet you will NOT c*m, NOT YET!
So listen and fall into deeper submission, as your c**k becomes more and more controlled by Me.
I wonder how long I will keep you in CHASTITY this time. ***GIGGLES***  If you do c*m, pay MY chastity penalty and begin this lesson again!
Listen to your Chastity Lessons in order.

So hard and so HORNY----WRITE MY name on your c**k and keep it there for 3 full days!

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