Lady H - Trigger of Insanity

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 50 minutes

Trigger of Insanity, ready to INSTALL ...

Description (50 minutes):

Have you ever fantasized about being committed to a sanitarium, wearing a strait jacket and placed under the supervision of sexy and wicked Doctor. Can you imagine how helpless you would feel knowing you will spend the rest of your life helplessly enslaved as you feel your mind slipping away. Finding yourself at the edge of insanity, day after day, as the doctor who was supposed to help you is actually enslaving and transforming you into a mindless sex slave.

Well, be warned my subject, repeated listening of files such as "Trigger of Insanity" will cause permanent change to your little mind (in addition to that hard thingy between your legs). Hmmm,..I wonder if such warnings actually cause you to want to listen to Trigger of Insanity even more? Does my slave already have a HARD-ON? Do you like the thought of your devious Lady f*cking with your mind? I bet you that you actually want me to implant this wicked trigger in your hard head?

Well don’t think too much My darling, just know that your complete enslavement to my sultry voice and wicked desires will be enhanced by this powerful mind blowing trigger. Due to the nature of the trigger, I will bring you DEEP under my control. Once under I will bring you to the edge of insanity again and again as my naughty trigger takes hold. Don't worry you will love it, because that is what you want!

The file is designed for intermediate or advanced slaves whom have accepted their inferior status and yearn for complete enslavement to my wicked desires. Along with the 50 minute trigger installation file you will also receive a loop file. In order to achieve the full extent of the experience, repetitive listening of this my evil little dick hardening trigger. Although my horny toy, I suspect you will yearn to listen again and again hehehehe…

Note: Although not required for the initial installation of the trigger, you will need to acquire a butt plug (and lubricant) in order to complete the conditioning phase.

FREE LOOP training included.

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