Leak in your Head

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 50 minutes

I will fix a leaking drip in your brain... VERY POWERFUL session.

Length: 50 minutes

Leak in your Head

While I was deep into your mind the other day, I noticed something that needs My immediate attention. Something that must be corrected by Me...Nothing too serious. I found a leak and it must be corrected. Don't worry I have all the HYPNOTIC tools and the EXPERIENCE to deal with such a problem. Once I am done, your mind will be functioning perfectly, just the way I want it.

This session is VERY POWERFUL and you will want to listen closely to My voice. I always know what you need...I will fix your leaky brain.
For the best effect, listen to Breasts in your Head in preparation, together with Voice in your Head.

Includes - Subliminal messages, Binaural beats, HYPNOTIC COUNTDOWN to NOTHINGNESS. Brainwashing, Mind Control. 50 minutes of deep trance.

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