Erotic Control - Rest

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 45 minutes

I bring together your mental bliss with physical pleasure...

Category: Mind Control-Erotic
Length: 45 minutes

This file is a COMPULSION.

your training continues to bring your mind and body more and more under My control. With a long, restful and relaxed induction of Erotic Hypnosis, you slip so deep into complete acceptance. I'll reach your deepest submissive desires for obedience to My most seductive control. So obedient and passive. The more you obey, the more you become mine.

Through repetition you become perfect for Me. I am truly your obsession. you dream and think of Me. All your pleasure comes through Me. I own your c*ck and I own your mind. you crave and seek My orgasmic mind control. Experience the intensity when it all cums together... ~~~GIGGLES~~~

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