Law Of Hypnosis

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 47 minutes

I have you Mind Fucked in so many ways're not even sure what is happening...

Level: Heavy Brainwashing
Length: 47 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Behavior Modification-BRAINWASHING

This is the next POWERFUL step in your Behavior Modification TRAINING...

I have ravished you with My words...I am changing you with My Behavior Modification...and MIND fucking you with My seductive hypnosis...building a fortress within your mind...a fortress that is indestructible...walls so powerful, there is no escape unless I free you. I am playing for keeps now. Within this next step of TRAINING, I bring you back into My BRAINWASHING CHAMBER...although this time it is different, the walls rising around you, stone walls, just like an old castle's dungeon. A prison within your mind needs no doors. I hold your destiny, this is what you have dreamed of...This is why you continue this dangerous path to complete surrender, surrender unlike anything that you ever dreamed could happen. you have come so far, there is NO turning back. NOTHING could stop you now, My pull is too strong. Listen NOW, take this next step...

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