Shelle’s Playground - WR

by Shelle Rivers
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Release: Jul 2019

I bet you're wondering what WR means? ~~Giggles~~

Well, My pet, this is another sexy addition to Shelle's Playground, an opportunity to further your progressive indoctrination so that obeying Me beCUMs a mindless act of compliance requiring no conscious decision on your behalf. I do enjoy training My puppies to follow My commands obediently, without thought or hesitation, because I know you love surrendering to My absolute authority safe in the knowledge that I will take care of you.

Ahh, My devoted slave, there's no way back for you now, there's only that ever growing acceptance of your mental enslavement to Me and your deepening submission to My powerful seductive sensual control.

So take a few minutes out of daily life and allow Me to program your suggestible mind with another fun TRIGGER to help you serve O/our interests better. I'm not going to share further details because, as you know, that's not how this works but do know you are forever bound to Me and I'm never going to set you free, My pet (and that makes you so HARD and HORNY). ~~Giggles~~

So be a good pet, LISTEN and OBEY your Domina NOW!

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