Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #12

by Shelle Rivers
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Release: Sep 2019
Length: 33 minutes


Don't you just love My bossing you around. The important part of this class is your Professor Shelle’s perspective on what W/we have together. I'll share MY priorities for you and for U/us. So cum and learn to expand your horizons. Push your limits. Intensify your feelings and emotions. Learn how to best please and serve your Domina. Something you are doing better and better, My horny student.

My pet, it’s time for your 12th class of My ReForm School for Boys. you have cum so far in this life-changing journey, with so much more to cum. Your Professor enjoyed reading your last class assignments so much that this lesson will follow up on the ABC lesson incorporating various Assignment responses into this lesson. All with the goal of making you better for Me, My good boy. I love indoctrinating you in My many virtues of being a good slave, especially My contracted slave. After all, the better submissive you are, the more obedient you becum, the more you want to serve and please Me, and the happier W/we both will be. PERFECT!

As always. I will be training you to focus on O/our Domina-slave relationship. How to make it last Forever and always. The more you give, the more I raise My expectations of you, and the more aroused you become. your commitment to SERVITUDE will bring you to the deepest pleasures of ENSLAVEMENT. This class is the perfect complement to the Experiment. I love you always on the edge for Me...I get the feeling you do too, My lil horny pet.

Remember, there is never too much of a good thing when it’s your Domina. It's class time, My student…

Session: 33 minutes

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