Subjugated zombie

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 39 minutes

Give Me your MIND...see yourself BLANK, EMPTY, MINDLESS, a complete zombie...My zombie toy.

Length: 39 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Brainwashing
Level: Powerful

Have you ever thought about how closely a hypnotized subject resembles a fictional zombie? Oh, I am sure you have seen a zombie before in some form or another. A person who has become mindless, thoughtless, brain-dead, and easy to control. These beings are unable to function normally since they have no thoughts of their own.
Hmm... Sounds familiar doesn't it, My pet?

This powerful trance will prepare your mind for my special zombification process. your mind will be rendered thoughtless and as brainless as those zombies of fiction, only better... this is real. you will become my willing zombie toy, available at my beck and call. The addiction you will feel will increase day by day and it will feel so good for you to think...about nothing at all. ~~~GIGLES~~~ you will become free of all mental activity and be made a passenger in your own mind and body. your c*ck will stiffen as My seductive words continue invading your free will. your body is Mine and your c*ck is Mine to play with. your mind will be lost to the maze of My voice, your body forever changed by My zombification process. At the end of this session, you will wake up with a reminder of My power. One that you will not be able to ignore :)

There is no escape, My zombie. your forever Mine....

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