Remote Control

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 38 minutes

Level: Strong
Length: 38 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Erotic

I take COMPLETE CONTROL so easily now with My handy deluxe Remote.  Just imagine, My holding a remote that controls all of your essential functions.  So easy to use, and it doesn't even require batteries, it works with the power of My voice.

Yes, I know I already have control, but this is just one more tool that makes it impossible for you to resist Me.

Everything will be automatic… your world automatic… everything you do, you do for Me at the push of a button. ***giggles***  I can turn your volume down… or mute you…control your c**k...anything I want, you will do.  This is so sexy, don't you think.

I wonder what happens when I press 1----whoops

I'm pressing ___PLAY-----This is where you AUTOMATICALLY listen to this file. ***WICKED LAUGHS***

***Heavy TEASING may cause some aching***

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