Shelle's School For men 201

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 46 minutes

Lesson: OBEY - Taught By Professor Shelle
Category: Shelle's School For men
Level: Moderate--STRONG
Length: 46+ minutes

Welcome to the 2nd in the series of Shelle's classroom files. In this advanced lesson with your hottest teacher ever...I will expand on the lessons learned in 101... You will get a history lesson which is linked to the single most important word in the English language. You want to know the WORD don't you? Don't worry ......the lessons are easy to learn. In fact this class allows you to sleep during the instruction..***GIGGLES***

It feels so good to be taught how to be a good slave, doesn't it!!!

Listen to Class #1 before listening here... My slave needs MY training!!!!!!!!!! Come to class NOW.....ringggggggggggg...come to teacher

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