Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #10

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 45 minutes

The 10th class of Shelle's ReForm School for Obedient Boys...

Audio Session: 45 minutes

Welcome to the next class in Professor Shelle's acclaimed slave training and submission series, a program designed to re-educate aroused and horny submissives to beCUM devoted and obedient good boys and gurls.

Today's class will focus on enhancing your slave mindset so that I become the focal point of all your submissive selfless desires, the spiritual center of your universe. W/we already know that whenever you are with Me either in trance, or just listening to My voice, you are obsessed and consumed with being Mine. I understand your constant craving to be Owned, and only your adorable Domina has absolute authority over your submissive wants and needs.

This has become your truth because I have brainwashed you to accept Me as a permanent part of your life. Every thought of Me reinforces your conditioning to surrender all of yourself to Me, your mind, your body, your will, even your unconditional devotion and love. This heartfelt belief even manifests itself in your fantasies where you imagine a blissful reality of being My live in slave, always at My beck and call, dedicated to pleasing and serving Me selflessly, every moment of your life.

I know this is what you desire and I desire it too, My slave, My being even more demanding and you destined to be My perfect obedient and submissive servant. Only through true submission can you be the best version of yourself for Me, the loving, loyal, submissive you that puts My wishes and desires ahead of your own. I want a selfless servant that devotes itself to caring for its Domina and all those that are important in its life.

That's why in this class W/we will explore the many options My Management Service program can provide to train and cultivate a deeper surrender and submission to My authority and control where I dictate the manner of your subservience and you succumb to the blissful pleasure of obedience. This is your opportunity to express to Me how W/we can nurture O/our intimate and personal time together, bringing U/us closer, as if you were My live in worker slave. Embrace this future of serving and obeying Me and let U/us explore together how your compulsion to be My loyal and devoted servant can mutually benefit O/our very special relationship.

Kisses - Professor Shelle

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