Brainwashed II - Step 3 - THE NEED to submit

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 24 minutes

Level: Strong
Length: 24 minutes
Category: MIND NUMBING Brainwash-Erotic

Brainwashed Phase 2 - Step 3 - THE NEED to submit

Another step closer to TOTAL SUBMISSION and to your FINAL DESTINATION.  You MUST listen to this extraordinary BRAINWASHING file, the 3rd in the series.  Proving even further that I am taking all control of your mind and body....My power is overwhelming....your mind being EMPTIED of everything...taken in BLACKNESS.

...a deeper, still, understanding of what it means to be controlled and DOMINATED by Me.

Cum and experience a very SEXUAL MIND NUMBING trance...YES I did say cum.
TRY to remember, try to NOT fall into BLANKNESS....

Be Advised ***This file has been known to cause some memory loss****

Tic TOC----Takes you even deeper.

NOTE----I have again used the metronome which is a very powerful effect...the low frequency beat enhances deep hypnotic sleep....

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