A Sub-Conscious Takeover

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 47 minutes

Listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing...Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind.

Session: 47 minutes

This powerful hypnosis session is best left a MYSTERY until your OPEN and SUGGESTIBLE mind is COMPLETLY caught off guard. Don't you love a Mysterious Domina. Allow Me to do all I want. Just listen and sleep to this Sweet and Erotic brainwashing....Familiar yet DANGEROUS to your open mind. Like honey on your lips,

Soothing and mind numbing.
An aphrodisiac
And it doesn’t even matter that you won't consciously remember.
Feel yourself so drugged... Weak for Her
Feeling Her pheromones flood your mind and c*ck
Her whispers more devastating than ever before...
Penetrating your mind.

POWERFUL BRAINWASHING, SUBLIMINAL messages, Binaural Effects and Post hypnotic suggestions.

Feel the POWER of CURIOSITY and listen NOW.

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