Lady H - Supreme Mind Control

by Shelle Rivers
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Length: 54 minutes

Lady Helena's "Supreme Mind Control"

Supreme Mind Control by Lady Helena--Shelle's slave girl

Description (54 minutes):

It’s time for you to surrender to my power and fully submit to your future. To accept your place as my helpless mindless subject. This powerful file will drop you deep under my influence, control and power as you surrender to your Lady and future. Cum and kneel naked, collared and mindless at my feet as you fall deeper and deeper. Serve my beautiful body, making me wet with the excitement as you are taken. As I torment your helpless mind and awaken your desires and yearnings.

Imagine being tied up helpless under my complete control as your Lady and Owner delivers the ultimate mind warping conditioning experience. As you listen there will be no escape as you submit, yearn and crave to please and pleasure your dominatrix. This file was built for one purpose and one purpose only…total subjugation of your c*ck, mind and purpose. You know you yearn for this My darling, you can’t not have, as your addiction grows, my control.

So lay back my subject, listen to your Lady’s sultry voice. Feel my power as the swirls of my words bring you down into true submission. Listen to this life changing file, Supreme Mind Control and experience the ultimate erotic conditioning of your existence.

IMPORTANT: You will find a hypnotic spiral which must be setup prior to starting the session in addition to being naked and alone. Repeated listening of the file will only intensify the experience.

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